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I don't think that anyone can be fully prepared to be a parent. It's just not humanly possible. You can pick up every parenting book the whole world round, make sure that you have all of the latest gadgets and do-dads or be the most organized person on Earth, but in the end, nothing can truly prepare you for what lies ahead.With a newborn, life becomes a mix of two things: predictable, and unpredictable. I bet you're sitting there chuckling to yourself wondering How can life be predictable with a newborn?

Sure, you won't get a decent amount of sleep again until the kid is twenty, but hey, at least they do let us know when they are hungry or need a change. My son is three now, and I long for the days gone by when he was a little mush that only cried and dribbled. These days, I'm chasing him around making sure he doesn't try to scale the shelves in the supermarket like some tiny toddler Spider Man with a vendetta against green vegetables.

They say it's pretty fun when your toddler's learn to talk and hold a conversation with you. While this is certainly true to some degree, along with an extended vocabulary, they are also learning to assert their independence. I think that those two things coming together is a rather volatile combination, but that's just me. I think that 95% of what comes out of my son's mouth is the word "NO!" I believe that the other 5% is the word "Why?"

For example:

Me: "Syrus, we're going to the store, would you please put your jacket on?"

Syrus: "NO!"

Me: "Why not?!"

Syrus: "Why do I have to?"

Me: "Because it's winter, and it's cold out."

Syrus: "But why is it winter?"

Me: "Because the seasons change, sweetheart."

Syrus: "But why do the seasons change?"

Me: "Because they do, honey. Could you please put your coat on now?"

Syrus: "NO!!!"

and with that, he scurries off and I have to catch him; and this is exactly why I say that no book can ever prepare you for what lies ahead when you have a child.
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