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So my son and I were playing around the other day. It's so amazing how something so little can entertain them on end for hours. He happened to pick up a pool noodle that was in my mother's house. Yes, you read right. A pool noodle. Really, who knew that these things were just so versatile? Until I had my little guy, I simply looked at them as fun little flotation toys for the pool, and nothing else. It's rather wonderful how when you look through something with the eyes of a child, you see things so differently! Even though summer-time isn't quite here yet, that doesn't mean that we can't break out our pool noodles and play with them in another way!

So, once he showed me how he played with it, the two of us sat down and came up with some other different ways that you can use pool noodles for fun pretend play games! So what else can you do with a pool noodle? You can:

1. Syrus absolutely adores pirates, so obviously the first thing he and I both thought of was to pretend that we were both pirates, sailing the high seas, trying to protect our treasure! We subsequently had a pool noodle sword fight, filled with lots of "Aaarghs" and "Shiver me timbers!"

2. Next, he decided to put the pool noodle on his finger and when I turned around for a moment, he tapped me on the shoulder with it. The kid had a 5 foot finger!

3. This next one, we had a lot of fun with! Syrus took one end of the pool noodle, and I the other, and we played a game of telephone with it! He got the biggest kick out of this, and just giggled away the entire time!

4. I proceeded to begin manipulating the pool noodle, creating fun shapes with it, like circles, triangles and more! My little guy had a bunch of fun telling me what the shapes I was making were.

5. The last thing we did with it was put the noodle up to our eyes and looked around the room, as if it were a spyglass! We played quite a few rounds of 'I Spy' this way, and had a bunch of fun doing so. So, in short, when you're short on props when playing dress-up with your children, if you have a pool noodle, and plenty of imagination, then you're golden!

But what sort "props" can you create out of seemingly inconspicuous items? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to read about them!
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