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I have to admit, I really do enjoy the world of social media. The fact that I can keep up with my friends and family and always have access to contact them is a comforting thought. But when it comes to Facebook and Twitter, our friends lists tend to be comprised of some colorful characters. You know what I'm talking about, the update-my-status-every-five-minuter's, the look-at-my-latest-selfie types, and of course, the obsessive-over-sharer's. We all have them on our friends lists, or have at least come across them at some point over the span of our time using social media websites.

I have often likened my three year old to the latter of the three; the obsessive-over-sharer. But instead of Insta-Gramming his meals or snapping selfies every ten minutes, he chooses to tell complete and total strangers about his latest escapades and random bodily functions. Take for instance our latest visit to our local diner.

With long blonde hair and deep blue eyes just like his daddy's, Syrus grabs the attention of those around him, much like any toddler would when they enter a room. So, after we have been seated in a booth and are going over our menus, our waitress comes over and welcomes us, asking if we would like to start off with a drink. While my husband and I are ordering ours, our son wastes zero time in flirting with the waitress. Seriously, how the hell are children born with the ability to flirt, while it took me years to perfect the art? I swear, my son could teach classes to women on how to bat their eyelashes correctly to get whatever they want. But, I digress.

When the waitress brings back our drinks and is writing down our orders, we turn to Syrus and ask him what he would like for lunch. For once, I actually think we are going to get a straight answer out of him, a very rare occurrence indeed. Oh, how wrong I was. All of a sudden he breaks into a full blown conversation, his tiny mouth going a mile a minute telling his new waitress friend about his bad case of diaper rash. Needless to say, we told him that we don't really tell random strangers about things that are going on with our bodies. We all laughed it off and he capped off the day with an ice cream sundae, so all was well in the world for him once more.

But experiences like this always lend credence to the number one lesson of being a mom for me; you've got to roll with the punches when you have children, because you truly never know what they are going to say next! I have learned that over my past three years as a mom.

But you know what? I think that my teacher is really cute!
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