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Earlier this month, my husband and I recently celebrated our fourth anniversary. So we both thought it would be a fun idea to get out of the house for the day. We decided to visit the Liberty Science Center. We figured Syrus would love to see all the amazing science-y stuff. I know that I loved visiting as a kid during school field trips, and my husband hadn't ever been. I believed it would be an experience we wouldn't soon forget. 

....and trust me. It isn't.

So we purchase our tickets online and pile into the car, grab some go-juice from Starbucks and get on the highway. I should have known that it was going to be a rather interesting day when we had to take a detour through Newark because of flooded roads. As we're navigating our way around a town that seems to be only made up of stop lights, we see smoke. Where is it coming from? Why, our car of course! With each stoplight we hit, we turn it off, hoping to cool it down. And, it worked for a little bit. We actually managed to get ourselves to LSC! 

The time spent at this veritable science haven was actually a really good time for the three of us. Seeing the inquisitiveness in Syrus' eyes is an experience I won't soon forget. Some highlights from our trip include:

Sy really wanted to see a turtle. This was the highlight of this day.

Syrus building a block bridge!

Super cool motion simulator ride.

Jeremy playing with their "Molecule Magic" simulation.

All in all, it was a wonderful few hours we had there. We were able to escape the mundane for a little bit, and learn a lot about science. We even got to crawl through their "touch tunnel," which is an eighty foot pitch black tunnel, where you have to essentially feel your way through the entire thing. Syrus was a bit skeptical at first, but for a three year-old? I think he did amazingly well for being in total darkness! Finally, closing time came around at 3 p.m. We got back into our car, which had cooled down significantly by then. Jeremy replaced some anti-freeze and we were on our way. 

But, the car once again decided to take on a life of it's own, this time stalling out, right in the middle of Route 3 in the town of Clifton. We had to call the local police so they could come set up flares so we wouldn't get hit, on top of that it ended up taking the local AAA three hours to arrive. We hadn't eaten all day long, and all we had were freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches that we had purchased at the science center. We had planned to go out to a nice dinner, but ultimately ended up at Taco Bell. 

We look back on it now, and laugh. But at the time, it certainly wasn't an experience to chuckle about. But needless to say, I don't think we'll be forgetting our anniversary anytime soon!

One can only hope that our trip up to Cape Vincent, New York next month will go a lot smoother!

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  1. This place looks like a lot of fun! I remember going to a similar place when I was a kid and learning so much!