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For some reason, this year all I want to do is re-create every single thing I see on Pinterest. Every. Single. Thing. Perhaps I've been bitten by the crafty bug, I don't know. But all I know is that whenever I see something Syrus might enjoy doing, I run out to get the items for it and give it my all to make it look like the amazing stuff Pinterest is filled with. Sometimes, we succeed. Other times, well, not so much. But recently, there was one project that I thought was absolutely amazing, and it was certainly something I had never thought of before! Take broken pieces of chalk and stomp them on the ground out in the rain, in a puddle if you so wish. Marvel at the beauty that ensues. The original idea for this project was found at Lemon Lime Adventures! Once I saw it, there was no doubt in my mind, I absolutely had to re-create this. Syrus was going to love it. 

Unfortunately, though, we did not have any broken pieces of chalk, so in the name of fun and science, we sacrificed some whole pieces of chalk in various colors, breaking of chunks and stomping them into the puddles. We even decided to mix some colors to see what happened! This totally gorgeous green color was the result of one of our experiments:

It was so much fun to watch Syrus stomp and jump and splash in the puddles. It was even better to watch him marvel at the colors on the ground as he squashed the chalk underneath his tiny little feet. He kept grabbing more and more pieces of chalk to break into pieces, and who am I to stand in the way of a toddler's fun? I mean, look at this masterpiece!

However, I think that my absolute favorite part of this whole project was the unexpected results of when the chalk dried after the rainstorm. I thought it was just going to wash away. But our chalky creations actually became brighter as the sidewalk dried up from the rain and the sunshine came out. 

Syrus began to point out the shapes he saw in our chalk creations. Each of us took turns talking about what we thought each chalk-shape looked like. He saw an airplane, I saw a lizard, grandma saw a cloud, it was actually pretty fun, just like when I was a child and would lie down on the grass and stare up at the clouds, picking out shapes. These are the moments that I truly adore being a mom, those times when playing with your child becomes playing like a child with them. It's a priceless experience that money could never buy. Less the cost of the chalk, of course! 

Seriously, I see a bird here, don't you? What do you think it looks like? 
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