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As parents, it can sometimes be extremely hard to explain things to our toddler-aged children. They don't know the meanings of the words that we use, and sometimes they can't grasp what we are trying to tell them. We've learned this lesson the hard way, quite a few times. Equally, on the same hand, our little ones can often find it hard to find the appropriate words to use to express how they feel. The result? Adorable hilarity. 

For example, my son and I were outside earlier today. We were both hanging out at my mom's house so I could get a little bit of work done and he could visit with grandma. Anyway, we were sitting out on the porch, and there was a step-stool there. Syrus proceeds to climb it, and I let him have his fun for a moment or two, I was right behind him, making sure he didn't fall. But, when I told him it was time to come down, he was rather defiant, pointing and laughing at me - who taught this kid how to taunt already? When I told him I was going to take him off myself, he looks at me with a serious expression on his face and says, "But mom, I like being high!" Fast forward twelve years, and I would've grounded him for saying that. 

But that's not all, I've got a lot more of these up my sleeve. Syrus is absolutely chock full of these adorable quotes. My kid is pretty quotable. 

Here's another example:

Eighties and nineties kids will remember these oddly enchanting bird balance toys. We'd sit there for hours and ponder just exactly how this bird managed to balance on nearly every surface we put it on. We'd experiment for hours with these toys, they were simple, but oh so fun. You know what I'm talking about, right? These things:

Alright, so now that you know what I'm going to be talking about, this won't seem so wildly out of context. We had found one of these at our local dollar store, and my husband and I being the eighties kids that we are, totally got excited over this find and grabbed one. Syrus of course, found it as well. One morning when we were trying to get him dressed (rustling cattle would've been easier), he grabs the bird and starts running around the house with it. A high-speed chase ensues. We finally grab him and take the toy away so we could get him dressed without any distractions. He immediately starts yelling and stomping and tantrum-ing (WHY IS THAT NOT A VERB YET?). 

Now my husband and I are trying to be serious when we tell him to knock it off. He was totally deadpan when he looked at us and said "You took my pecker! I want my pecker back!" 
Now just imagine the situation, it was nearly impossible to be serious, so we ended up turning our backs to get out the fits of laughter that had been building up. While all of this was happening, the window was WIDE OPEN, so everyone who was outside at the time could hear my child screaming and wailing about his pecker. 

I think that for me, this is probably the most fun time in my child's life, because he is just learning all the meanings of the many, many words out there in this big wide world. Watching him learn them all, and try to use them in context is an exciting (albeit hilarious) experience. Each new day brings something new for both him, and I. 

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