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Excuse My Lapse...

in , , , , , , , by JLynnCorter, 9/12/2014
It's been one crazy ride this past month or so. In August we had Syrus' birthday party to plan, and then September came and the hunt was on for a new place to live. Our landlord is selling her home, and at nearly $200,000, there was no way that my husband and I could afford to keep living there. 

But searching for apartments was easier said than done. Everything, and I mean everything is so expensive here. Many wanted upwards of $1,000 for one bedroom. We needed at least two. I've learned that moving can be an incredibly stressful experience, and we haven't even got all of our boxes packed yet! Finding a place put a lot of pressure on us. But luckily, we ended up finding a quaint two bedroom apartment for $1,095. It's still within our budget, and hey, at least we get two bedrooms for a thousand instead of just one.

But, anyway, that would explain the lapse in regular blog postings. As much as I wanted to continue writing here, there just wasn't enough time in the day between work, taking care of Syrus and everything else. I'm hoping now that we have a place and that part of moving is settling down, I will be able to write a bit more now. Bear with me as I update this place a bit, sprucing up around here! 

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  1. I hope your move goes smoothly. It can be a stressful time, but with planning and diligence it will go well.

    1. Thank you Meghan! So far, my husband and I are doing little steps. Packing a bit at a time each night so it's not all super-rushy at the end of the month. :)