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Rooted in humble beginnings and a rich past, Wright Family Farm is a must-see fall destination for anyone living in the Hudson Valley or Northern New Jersey areas. What originally began as a humble roadside stand selling only pumpkins, has blossomed into a thriving family business operation that has provided countless memories for many generations. My family and I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the farm first-hand, and I have to say that the experience really did live up to all of our expectations and beyond!

Nestled within the quiet and historical village of Warwick, New York, the farm boasts a multitude of fantastic fall activities that the entire family can enjoy. When we arrived, we were greeted very warmly and welcomed to look around the farm and check out all of their wonderful activities! I mean, just look at this list of activities here.

So, the first thing that we decided to do was head down to their barnyard to see what kind of animals they had there! That was where we met this adorable little guy, or rather, big guy. 

I do believe that this beauty fell in love with my husband, though. He kept following Jeremy around everywhere that he went, even going so far as to knocking down the poor goats that were in the pen with him! When Jer tried to walk away, he would start braying and crying. Of course, Syrus got really excited at seeing a donkey, too. And you know how four year-olds get when they get really excited. They start talking really fast. So when Sy saw the donkey, he yelled super loudly, "Mommy, look! It's a honky!" Needless to say, I turned every shade of red. Kids, you know?

See? They love each other. 

Next, it was off to the corn maze. Now, let me tell you, there are corn mazes, and then there are corn mazes. This one blows every one I've ever seen right out of the water. If you look at it from the ground, it looks like a typical corn maze. Albeit, a beautiful view, but a regular corn maze. But an aerial view reveals an incredible view of the maze. 

Incredible, right? The maze was by far my most favorite part of our trip to the farm. It was quiet and serene as we walked through, just taking in the beautiful sunshine and the beauty of nature all around us! 

In the photo above, you will see that there is a massive pumpkin patch beyond the maze. Wright Family Farm offers free hayrides out to the patch on the weekends, and it's an incredible ride. 
After taking a good look at the pumpkin patch beyond us, we made our way throughout the maze, and along the way, who knew that there would be hints? Yes, there are hints to help out maze-goers along the way! All you need is your mobile phone, and you can text a number to grab a hint at certain points in the maze! And trust me, they are really valuable! 

We eventually made our way out of the maze after about an hour. Not only is it a great walk, but it is a wonderful source of exercise. We most definitely enjoyed spending time together as a family wandering through the maze! After which, we decided we were going to check out the hay-bowling area! Syrus and Jeremy both had a blast with this one! 

Last, but most certainly not least, it was off to "The Shed," where one can purchase gourds, pumpkins, hardy mums, and all kinds of fun fall stuff! I highly recommend the homemade apple cider donuts. They are light and airy, with a distinct fall flavor. I was rather impressed with their selection of mums and flowers to choose from, but I was particularly drawn to these beautifully colored mums:

Aren't they gorgeous?
All in all, I was very impressed with the farm. The staff was wonderful, kind, and so helpful, they had bathrooms, real bathrooms, might I add, on site for when the little one had to go potty, of course the huge and awesomely fun corn maze, pumpkin picking, animals in their barnyard, hay bowling, pedal carts, tractor rides, the list goes on, and on, and on! 

But the absolute best part? Right now, you and your family can visit them, and receive 33% off admission to the barnyard and the corn-maze! That is an incredible deal! 

Oh, and don't forget to visit them during the holiday season for all of your decorating needs! They offer a wide variety of fresh cut holiday trees, grave blankets, wreaths, swags, and more! 
Needless to say, I think my family and I created a new tradition! We're going to be visiting Wright Family Farm every year, from now on!

Note: Corter Moon received free admission to Wright Family Farm via USFamily Guide in exchange for a review. All opinions and views are those of Corter Moon and do not reflect the views of Wright Family Farm or USFamily Guide in anyway.
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  1. Isn't fall in NY wonderful?! Looks like a fun place!

  2. Wow! So much to do. You could spend all weekend there! Looks like y'all had a great time!