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I know that I cannot be the only one feeling like it is essentially "crunch time," what with the holidays being one Thanksgiving dinner away. I mean, next Thursday is Turkey Day. This year has just flown by, hasn't it? But, I digress. Back to crunch time. Unless you're super-uber-organized and you started your holiday shopping back in June, then, now is really the time to start. But, of course, the bills have to be paid first. Cash can be rather tough to come by during this season. As a disabled stay-at-home mom, I take all of the help that I can get. I've found over the years, there are quite a number of websites where you can earn free new products, which can be easily used as gifts, and of course, websites where you can earn quick cash for shopping! So, if you find yourself with some extra time, you can turn that time into cash pretty easily with opportunities from websites such as...

GiftHulk is an amazingly awesome website with a super-easy to use interface. Unlike other websites, GiftHulk not only offers surveys you can do to earn "HulkCoins," which you can use to snag a variety of awesome swag, like Amazon gift cards, Walmart gift cards, Paypal cash and tons more! Think of all the awesome holiday gifts you can get with all of those neat prizes! Cool, huh?


Now, while this website isn't really a website where you will find a "job," that doesn't mean that you can't make some extra money from it! Last year alone, I was able to get three or four gifts for my family and friends from P2S, and I made around an extra $70, just for taking surveys, polls, watching videos and downloading apps. Basically stuff that I already do anyway! The great thing about P2S is that as you accrue "points," you can do two things with those points. You can either spend them through the P2S Amazon store, or you can turn it into cash, which is delivered to you via Paypal! If you share your link with your friends and family, that gets you a dollar every time someone signs up! When you first sign up, you are automatically given 250 points, which is the equivalent of $2.50! Check out the adorable items you can get with that 250 points!
I'm thinking stocking stuffers here, people!


This is another wonderful website where you can get paid to do what you already do! This time of year, we're apt to shop online a lot more, what with all the Black Friday craziness in the stores. TopCashBack is one of the leading cash back companies and offers it's members a good chunk of money back just by buying from your favorite online stores! Last year, I was able to make $20.00 back, plus, I even scored a free $10 Wal-Mart gift card, which I used as a Christmas gift. Keep an eye on their website, this time of year, they always run really great specials, extra cash, bonuses, and more!


I've been a member of Listia for three years now, and I have to say that it is without a doubt, one of my favorite websites. Think of eBay, but without having to spend money. It's really easy! If you have stuff that you'd like to get rid of, but don't want to throw it out, Listia can help find your item a new home! Movies that you've watched enough? Video games? That purse you thought was cute at the time but now clashes with everything you wear? Done. You set up an auction for that item for however many days you like, and people bid on it with "points." I've earned so much awesome stuff from Listia, especially gifts for my family. The best part is everything is free. Everything.

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  1. Already looking into Listia now!

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    Happy NaBloPoMo to you!

  3. These are some great sites! I have never heard of gift hulk before. I need to win something this year!

  4. Thanks, these are great sites with great rewards. There are a few here I haven't heard of before that I'll be checking out.

  5. nice post! I hope to win something from one of these sites soon! :)

    Best, Jen

  6. I've heard of one of these, but several were news to me. Thank you for sharing with us ways to save money :-)

  7. I love the links on your site. Very interesting.

  8. I am not in the U.S. so these sites won't be useful to me, but I appreciate your listing of them for those who do live there.

  9. I have been on listia for many years also. Great read!