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Ah, the scent of fresh pine fills the air, while twinkling lights adorn all the homes in the neighborhood. There is no denying that the holiday season is upon us once more! It's time to decorate our trees and visit with Santa Claus! This time of year has always felt so magical to me, especially now that I get to view it all through the eyes of my child. His awe and wonder at everything around him make everything so worth it. 

Lately, Syrus and I have been getting into found object crafting, meaning, instead of heading out to the local craft store to buy a bunch of items, we search around the house for different crafting materials, set them aside, and then we decide what we are going to make. It's pretty fun, and kind of like a treasure hunt, you never know what you are going to find, and what it will become! 

In the spirit of the holidays, we decided today that we wanted to create a fun and festive holiday decoration! We went rummaging around our various junk drawers - I really should get on organizing those, and we found a fun LED color-changing candle that we had leftover from Halloween, some popsicle sticks in various colors, and these super-cute itty-bitty Christmas light strings, left from holidays past. The great thing is that you can find all of this stuff at your local Dollar Store! 

So then, we set out to figure out what we were going to make. We decided on this fun Christmas tree landscape candle!

Once we figured out what direction we were going in with our projects, we each set out to work on them. I began cutting my green popsicle sticks into a triangular shape, for the top of the Christmas tree. 

After that, I used some regular old-fashioned white glue to attach the popsicle sticks to our candle. I don't recommend using a hot glue gun here, as it might melt the soft plastic that the candle is made out of. 

While we waited for the glue to dry, I used a yellow popsicle stick cut into itty-bitty pieces to create a star for the top of our tree! 

When the glue finally dried, it was time to decorate our festive holiday creations! Syrus chose to add some funky glitter glue and neat beads to his star, while I decided to attach my star, and add some adorable little fake lights to the tree! After that, you just have to wait for the glue to dry once more, and then, voila! You have your newest holiday decoration. Place in an area sure to garner plenty of 'oohs' and 'aahhs.'

It was a really easy project that we both enjoyed doing, and best of all, we spent time together, which truly is one of the best gifts ever. 

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  1. Good pictures with your post! The little ones really love crafts, don't they? And great idea to just gather up things you already have and then let your imagination make something! I've enjoyed #countdowntochristmas

  2. It turned out spectacular! My favorite part about the holidays are the lights! They are just magical, aren't they! I love the idea of finding stuff around the house instead of going to michaels and spending $50!!

  3. you're so crafty! what a sweet candle! xxo

  4. This is super cute! Wish I was crafty!

  5. Your craft came out really cute! That's a great idea to craft out of things you find in junk drawers. I have so much stuff in those drawers! Although, I don't know if mine would come out as pretty.

  6. I have those exact craft sticks! I am going to make these with my daughter! Thank you for the wonderful idea!

  7. I love crafts that you can complete with what you already have- no extra trip to the store? WINNING. Love how imaginative you were with your project-it turned out great!