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This has been one of the best holidays my family has had so far! Gathered in our home with wonderful family and friends, we have enjoyed these special times together. We even burned our "Man Cave" candles, per my husband's request. He totally loves the way they smell, especially the "Leather" scented candle. 

We were lucky enough to be chosen to review another scent trio from Old Factory Candles! Again, they have quite a multitude of choices to pick from, but this time around, I decided that I wanted to try out the "50 Shades" scent. With such scents as "Vanilla Sex," "Jasmine Bubbles," and of course, "Leather," my husband and I figured that these candles would be great to burn at night, when it is time to relax and unwind. 

And boy, do these candles help you relax! Of course, we went straight for the "Leather" scented candle once more, because oh my gosh, it smells so amazing. I absolutely love that scent. Unlike other scented candles, that take forever for the scent to permeate the entire room, you can smell Old Factory Candles within fifteen minutes of lighting it. What's better, is that they last a long time, and don't burn down fast like regular old candles do.

The last two scents, Vanilla Sex, and Jasmine Bubbles are the perfect candles to light up when you're ready to relax for the night. Picture a super-relaxing bubble bath, letting all of the cares of the day just melt away. These two candles are the perfect accompaniment to your relaxing bath. 

There is nothing that I love more than my candle collection, and I am so glad that I was able to add these awesome candles to my collection! I know that in the future, for my candle loving friends, where I will be purchasing gifts! I'm most certainly going to spread the joy of Old Factory Candles as far and wide as I can. If you would like to get in on some of this amazing candle action for yourself, click here to visit their Amazon page and snag some of your own!

But here's the best part. Corter Moon is hosting a FLASH GIVEAWAY! So, now you can score your very own scent trio of Old Factory Candles! Want in? Just use the entry form below! Giveaway ends January 3rd!

Corter Moon received a product free, courtesy of Old Factory Candles, in exchange for an honest review. The opinions expressed here are solely my own and in no way reflect Old Factory Candles. 
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