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When it comes to learning in this day and age, it can be hard to find appropriate games and applications that help children to learn. I mean, there are apps out there, but they aren't really good, they come with like one game, and that's it. That isn't so with Kids Academy applications, featuring various games on each app, many learning games, and gorgeous graphics that keep little eyes entertained  and ready to learn.

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Preschool & Kindergarten Baby Books, Songs, and Early Reading Toddler Games

My little guy just loves the songs. He loves singing and this was no different than any other time. He loved choosing songs to sing and even put on a little "show" for me, performing them. He also loved the different games that he could play. I do believe that he will love this app for quite a while. 

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123 Tracing Numbers: Montessori Math Game for Kids

I am absolutely in love with this application! Never has my son ever had so much fun learning his numbers! He got so very excited each time that he was able to collect more fireflies! The more he would accumulate, the more excited he would get. I love to see my little one get that excited over learning something new. That is exactly what this app does, it makes learning fun for the kids, instead of boring. 

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ABC Preschool Games for Kids

When it comes to the alphabet, I'll admit that my son is a little bit behind with it. But we've been trying our hardest to make learning a bit more "fun" for him, but haven't had all that much luck with it, until Kids Academy came along and changed all of that! The fact that it has you trace the letter and numbers over and over, reinforcing the habit, I really enjoyed it. 

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About Kids Academy
Kids Academy develops mobile apps for preschool education. Covering all major platforms their apps are designed to help kids of 5 and under to master all of the preschool educational skills from letters to numbers and vocabulary. Having passed the ten million installs mark, Kids Academy continues to deliver quality apps for iOS, Android and Amazon devices.
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