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As a blogger, it can be really frustrating to "break into the business," so to speak. I know that it has been a rough road for me, as I know that it has been for other bloggers as well. But still we press on and keep going, and we know that at some point our "break" will happen. Of course, it also takes some legwork on our parts, as well. We have to seek out opportunities and find the various resources necessary to

When I first came across Whatsblog, I was pretty excited. First of all, I loved the way that it was set up and so easy to navigate! With a clean and modern feel, it was not hard at all to navigate my way around the website. I originally had heard about it from another Whatsblog blogger, and decided to sign up once I poked around the website a little bit. Seriously, though, you'll be surprised at how streamlined the entire process for applying to review products is! You've got to see it for yourself! 

You guys know that once I find a resource that I absolutely love, I just have to share it with everyone! I've found that as compared to other websites that provide bloggers with opportunities to review products, Whatsblog features quite a larger selection than a lot of the other websites that I have seen. I have already been approved for a few promotions! I encourage all of my blogging friends to check out Whatsblog for yourself and see what its like! Please click on the widget below to follow me on WB, and I will definitely follow you all back!


Disclaimer: Corter Moon received a form of compensation in exchange for my honest opinion about this product. Regardless, all opinions are honest and truthful.
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