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My Little Corter Moon

in , , , , , , , , by JLynnCorter, 2/12/2015

The minute you blink, they grow up so quick.
From playing with rattles to building with bricks.

Watching each day as you get ever stronger.
That's how I know that you're little no longer.

"Mom, come on!" I tell you to go and play. 
"Please mom, come play?" There goes another day. 

You grow up so fast, changing within a year. 
I look at you daily, and I shed a tear. 

Not for how fast you're growing, but for the man you will be. 
You know that love is the one thing in this world that is free. 

My little love, I believe in you. 
I know as you grow, you'll believe in you, too. 

Please remember, time is fleeting, and it can be gone all too soon. 
You will always be my everything, my son, stars and moon. 

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  1. what an adorable poem! Thanks for sharing!

  2. *sniff sniff* beautiful! Just imagine in ten years when you read this out loud again!!

  3. Ahh, love this, Jennifer! This is the second post I read today about the short window of time we have when they are still little! I need to go love on my kids, right now. :-)

  4. So sweet! Kids grow up so fast.

  5. Omg love this!!! Kids really do grow so fast!!! I swear my princess was a newborn yesterday & now we are registering her for preschool in the fall!! Where did the time go lol