Fractioned Coconut Oil Review | Jenngem
So, a little precursor to this sponsored post, I have a chronic illness, and it often requires me to have a lot of massages. 

I've tried quite a few various different massage oils. Baby oil and the like. However, while baby oil left my skin feeling icky and greasy, the coconut oil absorbed very easily into my skin. I absolutely am enamored with this oil. I have Fibromyalgia syndrome, which often requires a lot of massages in order for myself personally to feel better, now, anytime I get one, we use this. 

Not only do I feel great after said massages, but oh my gosh, my skin has never felt more soft. Especially in the dead of winter where we live, it's great to have skin that isn't all cracky and dry. Needless to say, we're never going back to baby oil again. 

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