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My husband and (sometimes) myself are definitely what you would call "hotheads." We love everything spicy, and we're out to try it all. Of course, one spicy sauce that has been gaining in popularity is Sriracha hot pepper sauce. You know what I'm talking about, it comes in a bottle that looks like this:

My husband puts Sriracha on everything, and I do mean everything. Well, aside from breakfast cereal, because that would just be gross. But obviously, we cannot carry such a large bottle of Sriracha with us everywhere, now can we? Even I don't have a purse large enough to fit it in! 
Enter Sriracha2Go, an on-the-go option for for those who are addicted to Sriracha and want to take it everywhere with them! Their bottles are BPA free, so that's an added awesome bonus. It's even TSA friendly, so you can pack it in your carry-on!

This obviously has my husband over-the-moon about being able to take his favorite hot sauce with him anywhere! The thing I personally like best about it is the fact that the flip top lid stays closed when you want it to. No unexpected messes here. Believe me, he has already been using it and loving it! 

This is a sponsored post. Corter Moon received compensation in the form of a free product in exchange for our honest review and opinion. 
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