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So, my husband loves his beard. He loves shaving, he loves grooming. It's his thing. Quite recently, he has gotten into shaving with a straight razor, even though I was slightly freaked out at the concept of him holding an extremely sharp blade against his neck, he seems to enjoy it. I guess it's kind of his time to think and reflect. 

But it's usually after he shaves, that what he leaves, which is usually a goatee, is kind of scratchy. I personally am not a big fan of that. But, I digress. When he had the chance to try out PRZMan's Mane Man Botanical Beard Oil, he was totally pumped. 

Not only was my husband pleased with the results of using the beard oil on his beard, but I liked that it didn't have a harsh or chemical-y smell to it, like some shaving products do. But the best part is that this amazing botanical oil isn't only for use on beards, but PRZMan also recommends that men use it on their elbows and knees, and skin especially during the dry winter months!

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