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Ugh, things have been insanely crazy at home. With my stepdad becoming very ill due to his cancer, and trying to maintain a semblance of a normal life, things have fallen by the wayside, this of course, also means my reviews. But, I am working on getting everything in my life pulled back together so we can take things day for day, and I am finally starting to catch up on everything! So, without further ado, I am reviewing Kuisiware's 2-in-1 salt and pepper grinder

I must say, it's much different than any other grinders that I have had. It isn't hard at all to grind up the pepper and salt, like some other grinders can be, due to the ceramic grinder. Not only that, I mean look at the thing. It's beautiful! I love the polished look of it. Just sitting on my counter, it looks incredible! I've even gotten compliments on it from company I've had over. 

Needless to say, I absolutely adore this salt and pepper grinder. It even comes with caps to prevent those pesky salt and pepper rings on your counters, so they'll definitely stay clean! I am happy to say that Kuisiware's 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder will have a place on our dinner table and in our hearts for years to come!

I received a free product in exchange for my honest opinion.
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  1. Love your review I bought a Twist & Grind which is the original 2 in 1 grinder. It is same design but has 100% ceramic grinders which last for years and allow better adjustment for fine or coarse salt and pepper. You can see all the details here: Twist & Grind 2 in 1 salt pepper grinder .