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As a mom with chronic illness, there is often nothing that I look forward to more than a nice hot shower. But on the other hand, with the illnesses that I do have, it can be pretty hard to find a product that doesn't irritate me. 

When I found out about Pura D'or hair and body products, I was pretty excited. Their products are created with no parabens and no harsh chemicals. I have to say, this was like Christmas for me. Hair and body products that wouldn't irritate my skin? Sign me up! 

So, the moment of truth came when I finally found the time when my little guy went to bed and I was finally able to hop into the shower. I ran the hottest water I could stand and hopped in. The first product I tried was the hair loss premium organic shampoo. After my hair dried, I felt that my hair was fuller already! I cannot wait to use it again. 

However, my favorite product was by far the lavender vanilla scented conditioner. I took my shower before bed, and boy, I can tell you that I slept like a baby that night. Plus, the scent lasted for days. I absolutely loved it. 

All in all, I am very pleased with Pura D'or's products! It is something that I would most definitely purchase in the future! They even offer free shipping to anywhere in the continental United States! With organic and chemical-free ingredients, how can you go wrong?

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