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So, my husband has recently been into the lost art of shaving. I don't mean with an electric razor, either. He went with the whole shebang, he has all kinds of razors, from regular razors to safety razors and even a straight razor. It's a hobby that makes him very happy, and he loves doing it. That's why he was so excited when his brand new Wet Shave Club box arrived! 

Do you see what comes in this box?! 
Jeremy was so incredibly excited when we found the box on our doorstep. We quickly brought it inside and opened it up. It had a brand new razor, and this thing has some heft to it. A brand new badger brush, new safety razor blades, aftershave balm and spiced rum scented shaving soap. Take a peek at the cover for the safety razor!

Isn't it beautiful? My husband loves anything and everything leather, so when he saw this cover, he just about freaked. All in all, we were both very pleased with Wet Shave Club's amazing box of shaving goodies for the modern man! The hubby has a nice and smooth face again, and that means I get to kiss him more without getting attacked by his stubble!

If your man is looking into getting into the art of old-time shaving, then Wet Shave Club is most definitely the best way to go. 

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