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So, I haven't mentioned her too much, but I have a best friend. A little fuzzy furry four-legged best friend. Her name is Sascha. She's an adorable little Pomeranian dog with a whole lot more energy than I have! She cheers me up when I am down and gives me sweet little puppy kisses when I need them the most. I don't know what I would do without her and her cuddles.

Of course, just like any pet parent, I often feel like I can never give back to her what she has given to me. But I wanted to try. That is why I was very excited when I learned that Corter Moon would be trying out PupJoy! PupJoy is similar to other monthly pet boxes, except with PupJoy, they customize the box to your specifications, or rather, your pup's specifications. But since her little paws just muck up the keyboard, I had to do it for good old Sascha. So it goes. 

But she was kind enough to pose for a few photos. Little ham that she is. Granted, this is the best one we got because she was so excited over all the new things she got! But, I digress. PupJoy is an incredible box filled with all kinds of goodies. 

First up was the amazingly adorable leash and collar set. Guess what color it was, just guess. Okay, I'll tell you. It was PINK! Anyone who knows me knows that I love to spoil my pup. I treat her like a little queen, and any good queen likes pink, or at least in my head they do. Sascha loved her beautiful new set. Take a peek!

The great thing was, they fit her just perfectly. So I was really happy about that. Next up was the TOY!

She loves her JollyBone! She's been carrying it around with her ever since she received it. It's a really cute site. I play with her with it, trying to take it away from her, and she gets really feisty. She is very protective of the thing! It's quite the resilient toy, too. I like that about it. She can't tear it apart within hours of getting it. So there's that. 

Of course, next up are the snacks and goodies. I think these were her favorite part of the whole box. 

I do believe that her favorite was the oatmeal cookies. I even got her to do a couple of tricks for a few of the cookies. The other thing I love is that these snacks are all-natural. No extra filler ingredients here. 

All in all, PupJoy is a wonderful service, and perfect for that perky pooch in your life. Why not pamper your pup with a subscription? Even the customer service is impeccable. It is something that I would definitely place an order for in the future. My little Sascha is hooked, and so am I!

Want to learn more or order a box for your precious pup?

Note: Corter Moon received a free product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are honest and are my own and do not reflect that of the company. 
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