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There is no doubt that swimming is one of the funnest sports around. From splashing around in the water to swimming, it is incredibly fun for not only children, but adults as well.

Syrus has recently been in soccer, his very first sport. But that isn't working out too well for him. He just seems to enjoy running back and forth. I hadn't even thought about getting him into swimming. It is a sport that I think he would enjoy immensely, as he loves the water, and anything to do with it. But enough about us, let's talk more about swimming!

Why Swim?

Did you know that regular youth sports participation has dropped at a rate of 4.5% since 2008. But swimming memberships increased  37% in that same time period. Now that's saying something. Can you guess the number one reason why parents start their kids swimming? It's FUN, at least that is what 99% of parents say!

Become A Swim Mom!
Dara Torres, a five-time Olympic swimmer, and now a swim-mom is banding together with thirteen other partners are getting together to show non-swimmers just why swimming is one of the most fun sports out there! Torres says, “Being a part of a swim team is one of the most fun and most rewarding experiences a child can have. I've benefited from the sport's values in every aspect of my life and that's why my nine-yar old daughter is a swimmer. It's also why I'm so passionate to share with other parents and invite them to understand what the sport has to offer. Once they know, more parents will have swimming at the top of their lists.”

SwimToday is inviting new swimmers and those interested in learning more to experience swimming and are even offering incentives like free swim team trial periods, promotional materials, customized swim caps and more. Check out www.SwimToday.org to learn more about that, and to find your local swim teams!

Fun Facts

There are a lot of common misconceptions about swimming, and SwimToday wants to dispel them.

Local Pools: Approximately 62% of families live within 10 minutes of a pool.

Participation For All: Swimming is an all-inclusive sport, with everyone participating.

Burn Calories: Swimming is a total-body sport, burning up to 650 calories an hour.

Don't just take my word for it though, check out the video below!

Don't forget to visit their Facebook and Twitter pages, too!

Now go get out there and SWIM!

This post was sponsored by SwimToday.org. Corter Moon received a form of compensation for this post.
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