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Alright, time for the obligatory I-can't-believe-that-the-baby-I-gave-birth-to-is-now-five post.
Yesterday, on August 19th, my little guy, Syrus Voltaire, turned five years old. To me, that is a big huge milestone birthday to hit. Five years old, he starts school this year. He is so tall, although, still very lanky, at least he didn't inherit our "big bones." But I digress.

There is nothing like a birthday to stir up emotions of all kinds. There's the oh-my-god-where-did-the-time-go, then there is the oh-no-he-starts-school-this-year, am I ready for that? Then of course there were tears shed for those who were no longer with us. But we vowed to make his big day the best that we could since he lost someone very close to him last month.

I've learned a lot over these past five years. I've learned that motherhood, well, parenthood in and of itself is a learning process. One that will never stop evolving in many ways. Even after our children are grown and have "left the nest," we are still parents, and always will be, and there will still be things that we will constantly be learning about our children. From quirky personality traits, to who they become as adults. 

Auntie time!

But perhaps the largest lesson I've learned, well, besides the fact that I swear when you buy a child clothes, they only get to wear the outfit once before growing out of it, the biggest lesson is to cherish each day. Because honestly, it goes by so very fast, and in the blink of an eye, your kid is five. The other lesson learned is to laugh, always laugh at least once a day with your child, because there is nothing like a child's laughter to brighten one's day.

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