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Oh, how the time does truly fly when you are a parent. I can remember when my son was born. That specific day. It was mid-August and I felt like a beached whale at 38 weeks. We went to McDonald's for lunch, because I was craving a Southwestern salad. Oh, the pregnancy cravings. I called the doctor saying my supposed "Braxton-Hicks" contractions were awful and the Procardia he prescribed was doing nothing to treat them. So naturally, like the hundreds of times the BH contractions had, we were told to go to the hospital for monitoring. I cannot believe my son will be five in less than a week.

Except this time, it was different. I was dilated, and when I heard those words "You're going to have this baby by tonight." I panicked. What? No way, no how was I ready for this. No. This can't be happening. These thoughts were actually going through my mind. The pregnancy cannot be over already. I've got another two weeks to go! 

So here I am panicking, they bring in Pitocin to induce me (which they never hooked up, might I add), and broke my water. It all happened so fast. I was also offered drinks and stuff by mouth, but from every baby book I'd read, you weren't supposed to have anything by mouth during active labor. But I supposed they learned their lesson when I vomited all over the nurse's shoes. She was pissed at me. How is it my fault? You're the one pushing fluids on me. 

Soon enough, I found myself ready to have my beautiful and so wanted child. I have endometriosis, so it can be hard to get pregnant, but my fiancee and I decided to try before we got married just to see if we could have children, and thank whatever powers that be that I was able to have my son, Syrus Voltaire (Yes, after the philosopher

But let me tell you, baby books lie. They say that you will feel this magical attached feeling of "OHMYGOD LOOK AT THIS BEAUTIFUL CREATION. SO FULL OF LOVE." No. This is not what happened. Of course, it didn't help that I had severe anxiety at the time. But still. I was scared and nervous and was all like get him off of me. I don't want to drop him.  Eventually, I was just as smitten with him as any mom could be with her baby. That, and the Xanax they gave me certainly helped. But I digress. My husband and I wanted to give our child the ultimate birthday gift: cord blood banking.

Sure, we often do live in ignorance that nothing bad can ever happen to us. It's human nature, it is how we are programmed. Even my husband and I thought that way too, until we came across CBR, or Cord Blood Registry. We've learned that these cells collected through our child's umbilical cord can cure thousands of issues and diseases, as well as helping potential family members, god forbid something should happen to any of us. Sure, it was a hell of a lot of money to shell out at the beginning, $2,500 to be exact, but they give you a credit card that you can pay that down on. Trust me, we weren't rich, still aren't, and technically we're below poverty level if you want to get technical here, but it was something that was so important to us.

The kit is something akin to this:
It might look intimidating, but your doctor performs the whole process. Quick and easy, I swear!

Now each year, we pay an annual storage fee, pretty modest, $120, for the ultimate gift for all of us, peace of mind, knowing that should anyone ever needed it, Syrus' cord blood is stored and safe and ready, once again god forbid anyone ever need it for sickness or other reasons. 

I have to say, that everyone at CBR was so helpful. From the first phone call, to the courier coming to pick up Syrus' cord blood, the process was quick and painless. You can even begin a "gift registry," where family and friends can help you bank the cord blood, it would be a great baby shower gift. I mean, who needs 10 rattles?! Right now, they are even running a special where you can enjoy up to $400 in savings if you enroll online or by phone. So if you are expecting, cord blood banking is a great option if you are looking for, like I said, peace of mind. 

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