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As the legions of children march towards their buses, backpacks strapped on and ready to go back to a year of school, we here are having a not-back-to-school celebration! This is our very first year of homeschooling our son, and we are over the moon excited to embark on this brand new adventure. If you're also a not-back-to-schooler, then these five activities will help all of us transition into this brand new adventure and celebrate while we are at it!

1. Play 20 Questions

This is a fun game for adults and little ones alike. Ask them about what they are most excited about in the upcoming year, what subjects they are looking forward to, and more. Then, on the very last day of school, play the same game with them, and see how their answers have changed! It's interesting to see how they've grown not only physically, but intellectually. 

2. Create A Journal

Writing in a journal is not only beneficial to adults, but to little ones as well. During the first week of school, have your children get a blank notebook, and haul out the craft supplies, and let them decorate it however they want. Then, encourage them to write in their new journals at least once a week, about what they've learned, seen, enjoyed, whatever they want! It's a fun activity that allows them to have fun and learn at the same time! 

3. Fill Their Lunchbox With Something Special

Even though they aren't going to a traditional school, we can still make their lunches super-special, especially on their first day of homeschooling. There is so much inspiration on places like Pinterest, We Heart It, Facebook, and more. Check them out, and find one that works best for you. Imagine your little one's face when they open up their lunchbox to see what awesome treats you've made them! 

4. Self-Portraits

Have your child draw a self-portrait on their very first day of school. You can guide them through it, if you wish. But the best part about this activity is that you also have them draw another self-portrait on the very last day of school. This way, you can look at each side by side, and see how far your little one has come! 

5. Create "First and Last Day" Certificates

Give your little one something to get excited about! Present them with a certificate with their details, what grade they are going into, etc. They'll love posing for pictures with these adorable certificates. You can easily make them in any photo editing or document program. Fun! 

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