Found Objects: DIY Advent Calendar | Jenngem
With the holidays literally right around the corner, Syrus and I decided that we wanted to get into the spirit of the season with what else...crafting! So, we came up with a project that we wanted to do, which is an advent calendar, and then we set off to work on trying to find what we could use to create our very own right here at home with what we had! 

So we took some cardboard toilet paper rolls:

And we cut them down to size:

After that, we set them up on a piece of cardboard that we had, and made it look like a Christmas tree! We even put a bow on top to look like a star on top of the tree! We secured the cardboard rolls with hot glue to the cardboard. 

Next came time to fill this Christmas tree of joy! It was a great way to get rid of the rest of his Halloween candy, too! He'll never notice the difference! 

Finally, it was time to fill the tree and place our dates on it. 

Sure, it isn't perfect. But it didn't have to be. It's our family's advent calendar and we love it! You can make your own too! 

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