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Use Estradot For Estrogen Increase

by JLynnCorter, 11/20/2015

Loss of estrogen is a normal thing that happens during menopause. As body becomes deprived of this very important chemical, it will respond by creating various unwanted effect. During this time (which usually lasts from 10 to 15 years) woman will need to get accustomed to various issues. Luckily with the development of modern medicine, you can treat some of the symptoms. Buy Estradot online to quickly remove some of the issues.

Menopause is a period during which woman will lose its reproductive function. This role is closely related to secretion of estrogen. As the main sex hormone in female body, it affects numerous functions, one of them creation of eggs in ovaries. While body produces it, woman is fertile. But, besides reproduction, estrogen has other functions as well. It regulates our temperature, appetite, it is important component of the skin, vagina and other tissues as well. Once body is no longer able to produce it, all these systems will feel it.

Furthermore, lack of this hormone can also have negative impact on neurotransmitters. As a result, woman will experience numerous mental problems.
All these symptoms can be divided into two groups: physical and mental. Have in mind that menopause changes its course and form over time. We can differentiate perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause. It is easy to determine which period you are in based on symptoms. Anyway, things which you can experience during menopause are insomnia, loss or gain of appetite, depression, hot flashes, vaginal dryness, depression, mood swings, problems with bones (osteoporosis) and many other troubles.

Most common symptom (which is specific for menopause) is hot flashes. This is a sensation during which woman starts feeling heat around her neck and head. There is a sudden surge of temperature in these parts of the body which is very inconvenient and distracting. Problem occurs due to temperature center disturbance.

Another issue which often appears is vaginal dryness. Similarly, due to lack of estrogen, vagina is no longer able to moist itself. Because of this, intercourse is very painful. However, this is not the end. As a result, woman will feel bad about herself; she will lose confidence and self-esteem. Oftentimes, she will have panic fear that her partner will leave her for another woman. Due to additional disturbance to neurotransmitters, there is a high chance of developing depression.

Luckily, most symptoms of menopause can be treated if you purchase Estradot. This medicine is hormonal replacement which is meant to restore previous state of the organism. Usually, specialists from You! Drugstore recommend it for vaginal dryness and hot flashes, but it can also be used for fever, chills and abnormal vaginal bleeding. Estradot comes in a form of patch that needs to be applied on intact skin. It comes in 25 mg, 37.5 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg and 100 mg. Dosage will be prescribed by your doctor. Women who are allergic to this drug, those who are pregnant or breast-feeding, individuals with history of breast cancer, blood clotting and several other conditions, shouldn’t use Estradot.

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