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Oh, I do love the holidays. Even though they can be sad, especially when we lose loved ones, we still try to make it a happy time around here. We decorate the tree on my birthday, and we are always doing crafts to make everyone else smile! Last week, this was our holiday craft:

Santa's Reindeer! 

These were actually quite fun to make. First, we had to go outside in the freezing cold, which is always fun, because my son loves the cold, and forage for sticks, which would become our reindeer's antlers!

I know, not the best photo. My resolution in the new year is to take better photos for my blog! 
Next, we got our cardboard rolls ready to be reindeer-ified. I broke out the hot glue gun (a crafter's best friend, I say), and my little guy picked out the colored googly eyes, which explains the whole mismatched color scheme to their optical region. 

After the googly eyes went on, it was time for some awesome pom-pom-ness. 

Of course, little SV wanted more than one Rudolph, so we ended up with four of them. At least Santa's sleigh will be well lit on Christmas eve! We glued the pom-poms on with the glue gun, too, so they would stay. Afterwards, came trimming the twigs for the antlers, and also hot gluing them into the tube. Once we were finished with that, we painted the bottom of the tubes to look like little reindeer hooves!  

And there you have it! Awesome reindeer that anyone can make at home for an impromptu holiday decoration! 

- Happy Holidays!


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