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As some of you know, if you've been following my blog for a while now, I was a homeschooling mom. You can read my posts about it here and here. You could tell how excited I was in those posts. When September came, I was raring and totally ready to go. My son was seemingly excited, too. However, as the months progressed on, it was obvious things were eventually going to crash and burn. And, they did. Boy, they did. 

For a little bit, we were doing okay. We were doing a correspondence curriculum, although they did send him pre-k books, even though he was in kindergarten. They said they were "assessing his skills." It was basically workbooks, there was no math. We were done in the span of an hour. Then he had the rest of the day to do, well, really nothing. Sure, we went outside and played, did crafts, but something was missing with him. Gym was hard for me to do with him, because of my chronic illness. 

After a while, he became very combative when it came to doing school each day. He would look absolutely totally bored, no matter how hard I tried to make it fun for him, and I did try. We thought maybe it was an attention disorder thing, or perhaps he was dyslexic. It wasn't until we had a huge blowout fight between my husband, my son and myself, with the husband and I trying to convince him to do school, that we realized the problem. 

He Didn't See Us As His Teachers

That was the whole problem in a nutshell from the beginning. He didn't see us as teachers, he saw us as his parents. My husband and I spoke about it, and we also realized, that we truly could not give him what a school could. They have music, art, gym, Spanish, show and tell, just so much. I thought the first day that we dropped him off, he would be upset and cry. But he got right in line and waved bye to me and my husband. Me? I'm a different story. The minute I got home I bawled my eyes out. The house felt empty. Now what was I going to do? Then, the phone call came. 

I was scared when I realized it was the school. Surely he was having a hard time, giving them trouble. But it turns out, it was the principal calling, saying that she had checked on him, and he was doing great! I've found a newfound use for my time, working on the blog here, making my jewelry, etc. The days go by pretty fast. But still, I do miss my little guy. But we know that this is what is best for him. So far, no problems at all, and he is thriving. I know I didn't "fail" at homeschooling, but only giving my child the best thing for him. That's all that matters. 

We of course, stuck him in in the middle of December, right before Winter break. He'll probably be a little confused when he has to go back, but I think he'll adjust. 
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