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The Fear Of A Parent

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Ever since before Christmas, it seems my son has gone through a plethora of testing. First, we feared he had leukemia, and I remember my husband and I crying to whole way home because we were so afraid, but we got him tested and thank goodness, it came back just fine. But then he ended up getting bronchitis, with this horrid and dreadful barking cough. After taking him to the doctors twice, we ended up taking him to the hospital, thinking he may have pneumonia. Luckily, it was just strep throat. He's on the mend and back to his old crazy-bouncing-off-the-walls self. 

Him and his auntie, having fun out in the cold.
But then came the matter of the heart monitor. He was complaining about heart palpitations. When a five year-old complains about that more than once, we didn't take it lightly. The doctor did an echocardiogram, an EKG and a 24-hour heart monitor, which let me tell you, is not easy for a five year old to keep still. For days, we worried there was something wrong with his heart. Just like we were scared to death he had leukemia. We've lost so many people, we didn't want our son to be one of them. But, once again, everything came out just fine! 

We were so grateful that our little guy is as healthy as can be, albeit getting a cold here and there, but that we blame on starting school, because he was in an enclosed setting while he was homeschooled, he wasn't around all those germs. Now he is. But I'm certain he will build up an immunity to them at some point. 

I think we as parents fear the worst when it comes to our children. I just think that it is ingrained within us. Granted, my husband says why worry when there is no need to, but as a mom, I couldn't help myself. I barely slept. 

I kept checking for fevers, when he would cough, I would get up, along with my husband to make sure he's okay. Needless to say, I think we're done with testing our little guy for quite a while, he's gone through so much these past few weeks that it has just been crazy for him and our family. 

I guess in the future, I shouldn't count my chickens before they're hatched. I'll try not to worry too much. But hopefully the future holds better things for us and less medical issues, for all of us. 

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