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If you're anything like me and my purse, they are seriously a hot mess in there. It's really awful. Plus, being a mom, well, not only do we tote our wallets, makeup, gum, sunglasses and more, but we're also toting the kid's stuff too. Seriously, raise your hands if you've found Cheerios in the bottom of your purse. I've found melted crayons. Well, I am taking my purse back. My little guy is five now, and has his own bags that he can tote his stuff around in, so no worries there!

I've been using a backpack, toting everything around in it. I felt like it was time to use a "real" purse again, not that backpacks aren't. But I missed my purses. That's why I was super excited when I found 88 Purses. They have an absolute beautiful selection of purses. I decided to choose this beautiful cobalt blue purse. It is roomy and even has a zipper in the middle where I can keep my wallet. I absolutely love it. See?

I am amazed at how many compliments that I have gotten on it! Oh, and the color! I just love the color! You need to check out their website, they truly have a large selection! I mean, just check out this purse:

I am absolutely in love with my purse from 88. Besides being roomy and beautiful, it really can go with any outfit that I wear! I highly recommend 88 Purses. The best part? They are a vegan brand, with no animal products used. I love that part. 

Want to get in on some 88 love? 
Use the code OUF5L45V to get 10% off of your order! But hurry, the code expires on Valentine's Day! Maybe get your honey to order you one! 

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