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Well, I still cannot believe that my son is already five and a half. That time flew. I was just looking at pictures of him as a baby. And boy, do I want to give him a sibling so bad, but that's for another blog post entirely. My son makes me laugh, he makes me furious, he makes me happy, he makes me sad. But I wouldn't trade anything for the world. He is my gift. But boy once they hit a certain age, do they get feisty. I'm already getting "Well, that's how it's going to be mom," and door-slamming. Do I actually have a teenager in a tiny body? But anyway, I thought it would be fun to detail the day of a five year-old with what else...GIFS! 

Morning Comes

Waking Him Up:

Having To Physically Remove Him From His Bed:

Breakfast Time:

Getting Dressed:

That Sudden Burst Of Energy Before School:

At this point, he heads off to school, where I presume he behaves just like this:


After school, he comes home. He's pretty good about doing his homework. 

But then it's all like: 

So You Offer To Color (Or Play)

Five Minutes Later:

Me Internally: 

Okay, Would You Like To Watch TV (For A Bit)?

It Amuses Him For Awhile While Dinner Is Prepped (My Reaction):
Also, I love me some Moriarty. 

Dinner Is Ready And He Says:

So We Standoff:
For reference, no I do not shove food down my child's throat.

He Ends Up Winning (Sometimes) And Gets Something Else:

A few hours go by, and then it is snacktime. So, I ask, ever so sweetly:

What Do You Want For A Snack?:
You know I had to throw a Dr. Who gif in here!

So, I Say, How About This?:

Eventually, he finally decides on gummies. Even though I offered them five times before that. 
He's allowed a little more television time before bedtime. So he watches his brand new favorite show. *shudders* 

Pee-Wee's Playhouse:
You know about his new movie on Netflix, right? March 18th, set your calendars, folks!


The Fight Begins When I Say It's Bedtime:

Too Bad

Time For Pajamas

Alright Tuck-In Time:

We Say Our Goodnights (Finally) And He's In Bed:

Then He Yells From The Other Room:

Me Internally:

So, I get up, and finally get him the water. He wants his radio on, so I do that too. 
One more kiss and hug and another goodnight. 

I check on him five minutes later and I see this:
FINALLY asleep!

My Reaction:

and finally....

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