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Today certainly one of the better days that I’ve had. OCD, rumination, and more arrived uninvited, not that I ever would invite them, but I digress. After having somewhat of a mini panic attack and my husband calming me down, I decided to think a little bit.
I was outside, where it was raining today. My first thought was, “What a gloomy and terrible day this is.” But then, something happened. I began to look around. Instead of looking at everything within a negative light, which I had been doing earlier in the day, I decided to try looking at things in a different light, at a different angle, if you will.

Take dandelion puffs for example, kids love to grab onto them and blow them around. I do too. Winter's crazy here, what do you want? Most of the time my son and I race to who can get the most! However, most people mow them over. These little seedlings that race to find a home to make their own, trying to find their own footing. 

Take the dandelions that pop up from the seedlings, for example. Most people view these innocent little flowers as pests and weeds. I like to look at them for something different. It may sound a bit silly, but I like to call them “little rays of sunshine.” Take a look at the photo below. I think they look just like little suns!

No matter how many people hate them, put them down, and call them pests, what do they do? They always rise above it! Those little suns are always shining a bright, golden yellow.So, I held onto that today. There were so many dandelions all around for me to enjoy. It was as if they were all there, saying Hold your head up high. 

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