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So, we all know that it seems that there is only a specific time of year that our little ones get letters from the jolly old elf himself, Santa Claus! But that is all about to change entirely. Now your children can receive letters in the mail all year to check up on them and let them know that he sees them when they're sleeping and he knows when they're awake!

12 Letters From Santa is a brand new service that will send a letter out each month of the year. Imagine your child's surprise when there is a letter addressed to them in the mailbox, from the North Pole, no less! We tried this out, and let me tell you, the letters come fast! Anyway, here is Syrus' face when he found his letter!

I mean, look at that face. He absolutely was floored that Santa took the time to write a letter to him! The process is easy, too. There are two different templates to choose from. We chose the one below. They even have a guide on how to write the perfect letter from Santa! In addition to that, they also have a Santa Letter Template that they send once a month in your personalized letter, where they highlight a fun fact and encourage critical thinking skills!

To me, it's a great way to keep our little ones on the "nice list." Yes, kids will be kids and misbehave from time to time, but perhaps this will give them a little more incentive to be good for goodness sake! 

12 Letters From Santa has even been featured on Psychology Today, PBS and The Huffington Post! They are offering a limited free trial offer to parents who sign up! 
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