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Being pregnant is one of the greatest feelings on earth, knowing that you are going to bring a brand new little life into this world, it's a really heartwarming feeling. But extremely terrifying at the same time. What do you do when your baby is first born? You're thrown headlong into parenthood, without any instruction manual on how to take care of your newly born offspring. Here are twelve things that can terrify a new mother, or at least I know they did for me!

1. Changing The First Diaper

There is no greater feeling than looking into your newborn's eyes, until you realize he or she is filling up their diaper. This means that you're going to have to change the first diaper. Even if you have changed a diaper before on another kid, when it comes to your own, it's a scary experience. These tiny creatures seem so fragile, as if they will break at the slightest touch. Yet, the maternity nurses swoop in, show you how to do it, while you're certain they're hurting your baby. They have it done in under a minute, yet it takes you three or four minutes because you want to be nothing but cautious.

2. The First Feeding

Not a stock photo finally! A legit first photo of Syrus' first feeding! Don't mind my greasy hair and unkempt appearance.

Whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, the first feeding can be scary. Will the baby latch on? Are they lactose intolerant? Do they need special formula? All these questions run through your mind as you are handed your child to feed. Then comes burping your little bundle of joy. You don't want to be too rough. All of a sudden a volcano of spit-up comes gurgling out of their tiny mouth. You begin to internally freak out. This is normal? Are we sure they're not vomiting?

3. The Going Home Outfit

We're going back to thinking our little ones are so delicate and frail, that dressing them seems damn near impossible. There is no way I can get that onesie over their head without hurting them, you think. It legitimately takes you over twenty minutes to get the onesie on and buttoned, the tiny little pants, the itty bitty socks, and of course, those baby shoes. We can't forget the tiny mittens for their hands so they don't scratch their face up. Finally, hat on and done. All ready to go home. Until you realize you didn't change their diaper before dressing them.

4. Actually Going Home

Going from a couple to a three person family unit is a huge transition, for everyone involved. The nursery has been ready for months, this is the big moment! You've made sure to take extra care in helping to create this home haven for your child. The baby monitor's are all set up, the crib is comfortable, mom's rocker is in the corner for late-night feedings, everything seems all set. But as a mom, you always feel like something is missing.

5. The First Night Home

This is where things can get really scary for new moms. It's a joyous occasion to have your baby at home, and after just getting home from the hospital, you're exhausted and ready to get some well-deserved rest. Wait – was that a noise on the baby monitor? You pad down the hall to check. Nope, baby is asleep, all is well. You try to go back to sleep, but you're compelled to keep checking on your baby to make sure they're okay. Before you know it, it's morning, and that well-deserved sleep went right out the window.

6. Making Sure You Have Everything

Okay, let's see, we have the infant gas drops, pain and fever relief medication, burp cloths, bibs, and swaddling blankets. Next, is everything baby-proofed? Outlets? Check. Corners? Check. Cabinet locks? Check, check and check. Alright, it seems like you're all set. Wait, where did the pacifier go?!

7. The First Bath

Legit photo of Syrus' bath. I mean he's slightly older here, but still. He looks terrified/surprised.

Oh boy, this is a big one. You know they need a bath, but how will they react to the water? Will they splash about, or will they freak out? Will they enjoy it or hate it? Oh, and we're extra careful not to get soap in their eyes, regardless of whether or not it is “tearless.” You're not about to have your baby hate you over a bath.

8. The First Crying Fit

Crying is a baby's way of communicating, we know that. They can't tell us what is wrong, if they're hungry or if something hurts. They've been crying for a good twenty minutes now, so you frantically dial your child's pediatrician at one in the morning. The answering service picks up and patches you through to the doctor, who asks, “Do you think it might be gas? Try some gas relief drops.” You follow his advice, and a little bit later, the crying stops and your little one falls right back to sleep in your arms. Talk about scary.

9. Date Nights

It's been a few months now since your little cherub came home from the hospital. It's time for you to reconnect with your partner, so they make reservations for dinner and a movie. It sounds great, until that night actually comes. This means you have to leave your baby behind for a few hours. Cue the panic. Even if the babysitter is your mom and she raised you and three other children who all turned out fine, you can't help but have some reservations yourself. As she shoos you out the door, you make sure to tell her where all the emergency numbers are stored, where the food is, and, well basically give your own mother a tour of your home with a list of do's and don'ts for baby. Then you proceed to check your phone for any missed calls for most of the night.

10. Diaper Bag Dilemmas

It's that time of the week again, where you have to go grocery shopping and run other essential errands. It's getting late in the day, and baby just woke up from their nap. You change their diaper and haphazardly throw some things into their diaper bag. It isn't until you're in the parking lot of your local grocery store that you realize your child's had a diaper blowout, and you forgot the one essential – diapers. Diapers in a diaper bag, what a thought. But us new moms can easily get overwhelmed. So back into the store it is to pick up a pack of diapers. Sigh.

11. First Solid Foods

Seriously, though, how can it be that the child you delivered is already on solid food? Granted, when they say “solid,” they mean baby cereal and mushed up baby food. Even though it's all smooth, you still have fears. Will they choke on it? What if they don't like it? What if they won't eat anything you give them? Then what?

12. Am I A Good Mom?

Of course you are. Chill out, mama, you're doing the best you can to give your little one the best in life that they can have, and that's all that anyone can ask for. You share a special bond with your child, one that can never be broken. So, yes, you are a good mom. Keep doing your thing, girl!

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