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Is It Yours?

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I found this in my drafts, and I wanted to share. A lot of it still rings true to this day. 

Sadly, there are certain things that I have come to expect to hear, being a mom. Most of the time, they are questions from my son usually asking "Why?" But that isn't the sad part, not in the least bit.

I'd like to start off this post by talking a little bit about self-esteem. I think that in some small way or another, everyone has something about themselves that they are insecure about, a small self-esteem issue, if you will. To me, I feel like it's a normal thing to want to improve yourself. With that being said, I am going to admit that I have a few of those myself. Ever since I was a teenager, I have always felt that I was not pretty, at all. Even despite my husband repeating it to me every single day, I still feel that way. (I know that it seems that I am getting off track here, or that this post isn't making any sense, I promise though, it's all going to tie together.)

In talking about the insecurities I have with myself, I am constantly in awe of how amazing my son is. Every mom likely experiences this same feeling about their children. You know what I'm speaking of, right? We're all incredibly proud of our little ones, no matter what they do -- less the tantrums they throw! There are times when my husband Jeremy and I will look at our son and wonder how we got so lucky to have such a wonderful child. He's smart, loving, sweet, caring, and adorable. Because of my self-esteem issues, I've often wondered how I gave birth to such a handsome little boy. I know, seems superficial to think about, but I'm just being totally honest here about the things that cross my mind.


You know, there is something that was on my mind, something that I had thought about. I actually never thought I would see the day that someone would come up to me and my husband, look at us, then look at our son and have the audacity to ask "Is it yours?"

Woah. Hold up. What?!

But that did happen. My husband and I were dining out with our son, when one of the clerks who had served us and helped us carry our food to our table decided to strike up a conversation about our son. Out of all the things you could start a conversation with, why would you choose such a rude question? 

Okay, there are a large number of things that are wrong with that statement. I'll break it down:

► First of all, my son is not an "it." You do not vaguely reference the child as an it. That is rude.

► If you do not know the gender of a child simply by looking at it, the polite thing to do is to ask the child's parents.

► I feel like if it was absolutely necessary for this person to ask such a rude question, I do believe that they could have phrased it differently. I feel like they were really asking "How did you get such a handsome baby?" Talk about just fueling my self-esteem issues.

► After asking said question, you do not simply shrug and then just walk away. At least attempt to make polite conversation. Now it just looks like you're basically saying "Wow, such a pretty baby for such ugly parents."

► What answer were they really expecting? "No, it isn't mine. I found it wandering around my backyard and just decided to keep it." Seriously, what kind of answer was this person expecting?Maybe I am reading this totally wrong, but I really feel like this is one of the most rude questions that you can ever ask a parent. It may seem like I am over-reacting. But if I am being honest with myself, that question really hurt. Am I over-reacting?

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