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Well, as I was thinking today as my little one was off at school, being an angel, no doubt, I thought how fun it might be to kind of "interview" him, if you will. See what his favorite things are this month, what's the haps, is broccoli really his favorite food? You know, digging deep, real investigative journalism kind of stuff. And, well, so mommy can have a running record of how he changes each month, but that is besides the point. So without further ado, I present to you, my new monthly series, Kinderviews With Syrus V. Mind you, I did not alter the answers in anyway. 

Mom: Thank you for sitting with me. For the record, can you please state your full name for me? 

SV: "Syrus V. Corter"

Mom: Are you right or left-handed?

SV: "Right, no, I mean left!" (He is indeed left handed, by the way.) 

Mom: And  what grade are you in?

SV: "First grade. WAIT. No. What's it called? Kindergarten!" 

This is his legit first day of public school after a botched homeschooling attempt.
Mom: How old are you, Syrus?

SV: "5 years-old!"

Mom: What's your favorite animal?

SV: "Cats!"

SV with our late cat, Snoopy. He loved her. 
Mom: So, what is your favorite sport to play? 

SV: "Soccer!" 

Mom: Neat! Who is your favorite superhero and why?

SV: "Superman! Because he has laser-eyes and ice breath and he can fly!"

Mom: What's your favorite thing to do outdoors?

SV: "Play Batman!"

Mom: What is your favorite food?

SV: "Broccoli"

Mom: *Doubting stare.* 

I know he likes broccoli, but his favorite food...really?

Mom: Alright, so what is your favorite meal? 

SV: "Ham and cheese!"

Mom: What are you most excited for this month?

SV: "Halloween and spring!" 

Mom: Okay...what are your favorite colors? 

SV: "Red and Yellow!"

Mom: What are your favorite games to play?

SV: "Connect Four and Pie Face!"

Mom: What is your favorite toy at the moment? 

SV: "My Transforming Batcave!" 

Mom: Cool! What is your favorite part about school?

SV: "Packing up and leaving."

Mom: Do you have a favorite class?

SV: Enrichment (computer class).

Mom: Favorite candy?

SV: "Skittles!" 

Mom: So, do you plan on going to college?

SV: "Yes!" 

Mom: Do you know what college is?

SV: "Yeah, it's where grownups go to school!"

Mom: How about a favorite TV show?

SV: Batman!

Mom: Finally, do you have anything to say about the recent politics we've been seeing? Who will YOU be voting for?

SV: "I'm voting for MEMA (my mom)!

So there you have it folks, Mr. Syrus's interview. I think it went swimmingly. We even got a press photo: 

On the run, as always. Dat hair, too.
Stay tuned for next month's edition of Kinderviews With Syrus V.!

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