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March Music Magic

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Just like February's Top Ten Playlist of my favorite songs that get me through the bad days, we have a March Music Magic (I love alliteration!) playlist, too! So join me below as I take you through a magical ride of auditory joy!

1. Kristin Andreassen - Crayola Doesn't Make A Color For Your Eyes

I just feel like this is a really fun song. I love when it comes up on my Spotify playlist. It just seems like a happy kind of song.

2. NEEDTOBREATHE "Brother feat. Gavin DeGraw"

This, to me, is an incredibly inspirational song. I listen to it when I am feeling lost and down, which has been a lot lately. It reminds me of how my husband is always there for me. 

3. Rihanna - Diamonds (Cover by Steam Powered Giraffe)

I'm not sure if you've ever heard of Steam Powered Giraffe before, but here are the deets on them:
"Steam Powered Giraffe is a musical project from San Diego, California. It was formed in 2008 by twin siblings David Michael Bennett and Isabella “Bunny” Bennett. Together, along with performer/artist Samuel Luke and a cast and crew filled with theatrical backgrounds, the group takes on the guise of singing antique automatons and the fictional robotics company that made them." 
This is one of my favorite covers that they did. And I am super excited because I get to see them in concert this year at The Steampunk World's Fair!

4. Dirty Heads - Sound Of Change

This song got me through the weeks following my stepdad's death. I would just play it on repeat. It's all about change, and things were changing, things continue to change, always. It's definitely one of my favorite songs, hands down.

5. Jeff Bridges - What A Little Bit Of Love Can Do

Well, first off, I am a huge Jeff Bridges fan. From his roles in The Big Lebowski, to The Fisher King, to RIPD, and his latest role in the film adaptation of The Little Prince. He is not only a great actor, but a kickass musician as well. Plus, he is a huge advocate for No Kid Hungry. A truly amazing human being, he is.

6. The Dubliners - Whiskey in the Jar

Well, it is March, and St. Patrick's Day is next week, so I had to throw in a traditional Irish song. Whiskey In The Jar is one of my personal favorites. It's been covered by many, including Metallica. But this version by The Dubliners is my personal favorite.

7. Voltaire  - Lovesong

Ah, this combines so much that I love. Voltaire - yes, that is where we got our son's middle name from, is performing a cover of The Cure's "Lovesong." We even got to attend Voltaire's convention, aptly titled "Voltaire's Wicked Necrocomicon." It was a fun and once in a lifetime experience, and we got to meet him, and I got to show him my tattoo with Syrus' name on it, and he was flattered that we gave our son his middle name.

8. Grateful Dead - Dire Wolf

I've been thinking a lot about my dad lately. Grateful Dead was one of his absolute favorite bands of all time. This coming Friday, he'll have been gone 14 years, which is hard to believe. So this one is a tribute to you, daddy. I wished you could've met Syrus and Jeremy. I love and miss you.

9. Queen - The Show Must Go On

Oh, Queen, how much I love thee. Freddie Mercury is legitimately my favorite artist of all time. Between his voice and showmanship, just incredible. This song helps me to push through the bad times. Because, well, The Show Must Go On. There is one lyric in the song, that I want to get tattooed on my back (where I have two butterflies already), it says, "My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies." Just beautiful.

10. John Barrowman - Anything Goes

Do we have any Doctor Who or Torchwood fans reading?! John Barrowman, best known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness on Doctor Who has a really great voice. I absolutely adore this song by him. It just makes me overall generally happy when I hear it.

Okay, so that's my top ten for this month. What are some of your favorite songs? Drop 'em in the comments below! I'd love to take a listen!

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