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When I was a teenager, I never did have too many hobbies. I think that I liked to bake, but that was about it. As I got older, I lost interest in it, because I never thought there was a real reason to do it. Why bother? I would ask myself. Was there any reason I should be doing it? My answer always came up no, so I gave it up. It was only when I had become ill did I begin to realize the importance of having a hobby. 

Why Do You Need A Hobby?
When pain comes over to play and decides that it wants to take up residence in your body for awhile, we begin to ruminate over it. This is something that I have always battled. If the pain is severe, I will sit on the couch, balled up, crying over how much it hurts. Don't get me wrong here, a good cry can be very cathartic every now and then, therapeutic even. But we cannot let ourselves slip into that same pattern every time the pain comes back. We've got to do our best to fight back and rally against it. 

The best possible way to do that is to do something. Within your limits, of course, but we must find something to keep our minds busy. There are a bunch of things that we can do to occupy ourselves, even when we are laid up in bed. As I bide my time until my surgery, I've come up with a list of things to do.

Getting caught up in a good video game is a wonderful way to lose yourself, if only for a little bit!

Some great options for keeping busy include:



Sketching and Drawing

Create Something


Make Jewelry


Video Games

Computer Games

Board Games and Card Games

Create A Blog About Your Journey

Photograph The Things Around You, Tell A Story With The Photos

Listening To or Creating Music

Browse The Internet

Watch A Movie

Call A Friend or Family Member

Watch The Birds



Spending Time With Pets

Watch Funny Videos Online


Color A Mandala

Guided Meditation/Positive Visualization

Do A Puzzle

Why Is It Important?
When we decide to distract ourselves from the pain, we are choosing not to give the pain any power over us. We aren't going to let it win. In doing something, we are also gently guiding our minds away from the pain and onto something else.

For my chosen hobby, I've taken up creating jewelry. It's something that I adore doing, even when I'm not in pain. But I always make sure to have my beads close at hand so when the pain is intense, I will put my mind on creating a new piece of jewelry. Some of my best designs and inspiration even come out of the pain that I have experienced. 

Oh, and that attitude I used to have of "Why bother?" I finally realized that I'm doing it for me.

Comment with your favorite distractions?

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