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As someone living with chronic illnesses, life is tough enough as it is. The last thing we need are the negative opinions of outside sources influencing us and our emotions. But all too often, this is what happens. We let the negativity and non-beliefs of others impact our daily lives. Here are some of the more common phrases that we spoonies hate hearing.

1. Oh-My-Great-Aunt’s-Third-Cousin’s-Twice-Removed-Fiancee-Has-That
She Takes [Insert Supplement Here] And Feels Fine!


This is one that we hear all too often. But what people do not seem to realize is that everybody and every body is different. What works for one person does not work for another person. Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, these same people who talk about these distant relatives or friends with the same illness could be self-diagnosed. This doesn’t happen all the time, but it has been known to happen. Always be true to yourself. Never doubt yourself.

2. Maybe It’s Your Diet, You Should Eat Better

Or, maybe it isn’t. Besides, how do you know our eating habits and diet anyhow? Wait, are you a secret dietitian?! We know our bodies best, we know what works for us, and we know what doesn’t work for us. Besides the fact our diets aren’t any of anybody else’s business, advice like this is wholly unhelpful and often unsolicited. Next time someone says this to you, you could politely ask them when they got their medical degree.

3. You Should Exercise More

Excuse me? I’m pretty sure that these same people who say such things to us would not like to have the same thing said to them, and would likely be terribly offended if they heard it. While yes, exercise has been known to help people, a good lot of us are in insane amounts of pain. Sometimes, it just isn’t feasible, despite how hard we try. And we do try. Plus, we can’t just run off and start any exercise regimen we want all willy-nilly. It is something that we have to talk to our doctors about, lest we hurt ourselves further.

4. It’s Probably Just Stress…You Should See A Therapist

So, you mean on days where I’m not feeling any stress at all and my pain levels are through the roof, that’s just our imagination, right? We're just making our pain up and it's all in our heads, hmm? Yeah, I’ll get right on that therapist thing.

5. It Can’t Be That Bad

Uhm, yes, yes it is. The pain, it hurts. That’s what pain does, right? Are you in pain all the time? Unless they are going through the same exact thing that you are going through, they have no place or business telling you how bad it is.

It is likely that we have all encountered these different types of people at some point in our lives. But the thing to take away from it is that you know yourself best. We cannot stress that fact enough. Do not let the negative opinions of others bring you down. I know that it can be tough sometimes. Next time someone says something rude to you, and you can’t think of anything witty to retort back with, just laugh. That’s all you have to do, just laugh. In the end, you’ll come out feeling better.

What are some of the phrases that you have heard enough of? Drop them in the comments below and we’ll use them in our next roundup installment of Sh*t Spoonies Hate Hearing!

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