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So we all have heard about a "mother's intuition." We know when something is wrong with our children. We know when they are down about something, upset, if they are in danger, it's just ingrained within us. Perhaps it is because they were essentially a part of ourselves for the nine months that we carried them. Maybe there is a connection that not even science can explain. But the point is, a mother's intuition is usually correct when it comes to their children. 

Let me spin a tale for you about a mom's intuition. Our journey began on April 15. Syrus did not seem like himself. Generally lethargic, bit of a fever, nothing too high. So we took him to the local hospital, which is really just a glorified urgent care center, despite them calling themselves a hospital. They put him in a bed, the doctor came in, looked in his throat and immediately diagnosed him with tonsilitis - I thought, "Alright, makes sense." Syrus has an enlarged tonsil on the right side, which he has had for a while. Not sure what that's about I suspect at some point it'll likely have to be removed. But point is, the doctor didn't even to a Strep swab to see if it was Strep. 

He was given Amoxicillin for the tonsillitis. This was on a Friday. Saturday he seemed more lethargic  than before. By Sunday night, he spiked a fever of 104.3, at which point my husband and I called an ambulance, I mean we were scared. This kid has had febrile seizures before. We just wanted to be safe rather than sorry. Everyone told us we did the right thing. At the Emergency Room, he was swabbed for Strep and RSV, which both came back negative. That was a relief. I was told I would get a call the next day with the other tests that the swabs tested for. 

After playing phone tag with the hospital, his pediatrician and the doctor we saw at the ER, we learned he had the flu. Okay. Misdiagnosed with tonsillitis, nice. So we go another week, he's in and out of school. That following Saturday, the 23rd, he still wasn't acting like our Syrus. A cough had developed and he couldn't even eat without choking himself. I took his fever and again he spiked at 103. We took him ourselves this time. But his blood pressure was unusually high in the ER, 133/122. Doctors said nothing to worry about, but I worried anyway. They couldn't do much but try to get the fever down. They gave him Acetaminophen and it went higher, after a dose of Ibuprofen, it finally went down to 100.1, at which point they sent him home. 

This brings us to Sunday, the 24th. Something was going on, something nobody was catching. My kid you can't normally get to sit down. He's normally chatty and all over the place. This Syrus was falling asleep on the couch. Now we gave up naps at two-and-a-half, so something was definitely wrong. I would call his name, his eyes would flutter, and he'd go back out. He wouldn't drink, or eat, and this kid is normally voracious.  I got him up, and using our home blood pressure system, I took it. The numbers were high, so I called his pediatrician. She suggested I take him to Goryeb Children's Hospital, where they might be able to deduce this whole thing. We went by ambulance because of his breathing, where he was experiencing intermittent gasping.

After a chest x-ray was done, we were told they saw something. But they had to have a radiologist read it. Okay... This wasn't sounding too great. They came back and told us he had bilateral pneumonia, in both lungs. He had to be hospitalized. As a mother, and this being the first time my child is hospitalized, I was scared to death. Family from both sides flocked to the hospital. He's the only grandchild/nephew on both sides. By 10:30PM they had him in a room upstairs. That night, it was a lot of coughing. 

At least we found video games for him!

Come Monday, he went tachycardic, where his heart rate went above what it is normally supposed to be. His oxygen level was very low, he was grunting trying to get air into his lungs. They almost took him to ICU to force air into his lungs.  They attributed that to the high fever he was running. My husband and I lost it at that point. Once they got that down, everything went back to normal. By Tuesday, he was on room air at a 96% oxygen rate, no fever and a normal heart rate.

But let me tell you, it taught me one thing. To listen to my gut. I'm glad I took that blood pressure, even though it was wrong, and in the ambulance his blood pressure was fine, if I didn't do what I did, I shudder to think what we could have woken up to. What could have happened. He's already back in school, his pediatrician can hear crackling in his lower left lung, says to let him play normally to break up what pneumonia is left, and dose him with the high dose Amoxicillin. Even though he was vaxxed against pneumonia, this was "paraflu-induced" pneumonia, a different strain. 

His appetite is pretty much back, thanks to my in-law's, who made sure he ate and drank around the clock. We stayed with them a few days after we were released.  But he wants to do nothing but jump around and play, and he is his normally chatty self. There is still a little bit of coughing, but it is very intermittent now, nothing like it was. We see his pediatrician again this upcoming Friday to make certain that it is indeed going away. 

Feeling MUCH better!

It just goes on to show that a mother's intuition is right. My husband and I would've taken him to the ER a thousand times if we continually knew that this was not our child. It proves life is indeed too short to take things for granted. We take time to snuggle him longer, hug him tighter and never discard any symptom they have. 

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