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I was compensated in the form of a free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own. 

Okay, so this review is a bit behind due to being bedbound for nearly the past four or five months. This is from December. But I wanted to share this awesome subscription box with you guys! You know how much I love subscription boxes! So when I found Jade Canopy, I was super excited! In each box there is a list of the items that you received, like the one below. I like how it tells me exactly what to look for! 

Yes, not only do they give you amazing seedlings and bulbs, but they also make sure that you take care of yourself, too! I received this lovely flower bag and lotion and shower gel. I absolutely love them both! 

And guess what? They sent these beautiful Red Van Eljk Tulip Bulbs! Check 'em out! 

I think my favorite part is the little planter that they sent, along with a trio of seed packets or oregano, dill and cilantro. 

Now mind you, this was December when we received this. So where was one to find decent dirt? It came in the box! Really rich, beautiful soil. It even came wrapped up all in a pretty package!

Syrus was especially excited to plant them. Here is an awesome shot right after we planted them. Look how pretty that planter is!

We also received organic radish and lettuce seeds, too! 

That is what I love about Jade Canopy, they make certain that the products they send to you are heirloom, organic and GMO free! I was SO pleased with the box, and it is something that I definitely recommend, especially if you love gardening, or have a little one that you want to teach about gardening. Syrus has this sense of responsibility now to water his plants now. I love it! Oh! And you must see how our little oregano and cilantro took off in just a week and a half! 

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