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There is quite possibly nothing more exciting or more exhilarating than falling in love. It's an incredible and almost indescribable feeling. Thoughts of that special person fill your head, take up most of your time, permeate your dreams. With the infatuation, mixed with pure passion and an overwhelming joy, there is truly nothing that can stack up to those first feelings of falling in love.

But when you've been dating for awhile, or have even gotten married, there are times when those feelings seem like a distant memory, especially if you've had children! Remembering all those little things that you did for each other in the beginning may seem impossible. Almost all relationships experience phases like this at some point or another. It may take some work on both ends, but if it feels like things have gotten stale between the two of you, and that spark has been all but extinguished, try these tips and tricks to rekindle the flame! 

1. Leave Little Notes

There is something about a hand-written note, casually hidden in a lunch bag or purse that seems a little bit covert and a lot of fun. Take time to think about your partner and what made you fall in love with them in the first place. Share how you're feeling with your partner in the note. Sometimes, the best way to open a dialogue between partners is to write a letter. When you're finished penning your prose, place it in an envelope and slip it someplace where your partner is sure to find it. 

2. Schedule Date Nights

While penciling in date nights may not seem like the most romantic way to do things, sometimes, with life in all of it's mundane glory, it can be the best way to do it. Life often happens, jobs to work, kids to dress, dinners to cook, you get the idea. It can get old pretty quickly, and that's why sometimes all the two of you need are a date night to just get away from it all for one night. It doesn't even have to be anything extravagant. Just grabbing a quick bite to eat and hanging out at your favorite coffee place is enough. It's all about reconnecting with and learning about one another all over again. You may just find that you'll learn something brand new about your partner. Try to schedule a date night or two in at least once a month to escape the monotony of your everyday lives. 

3. Play A Game Together

Games aren't just for little kids, you know. If you have children, wait until they're in bed and fast asleep. Locate your stash of board games in the house, and find something to play together. Don't be put off by anything being “too childish” or “too silly!” Adults can enjoy a hardcore game of Candyland just as much as any kid. Playing games are a way to set aside everything that's on your mind for even just a few moments, and to put your thoughts someplace else. It can even open a great dialogue between you and your partner, even if it is just about the game. In the same respect, if you and your partner both So go ahead, get into it, laugh, and enjoy yourselves! 

4. Spice It Up

We mean, of course, in the kitchen. If one of you typically cook dinner and the other does dishes, or have some arrangement similar to that, why not do those things together? Cooking together can be a great way to bring together both of your personal tastes to create a flavorful and delicious dish. Have a good time with it, take time to talk to each other, ask one another how their day was, etc. Activities like this can bring you and your loved one closer to each other. 

5. Reconnect In The Bedroom

In this day and age of being “socially connected” to one another, there are often times where couples couldn't feel more disconnected with each other. When bedtime rolls around, leave the gadgets outside of the bedroom! Before going to sleep, take a few moments to recount the goings-on of your days to one another. Share what made you happy, what upset you, and one thing you're looking forward to in the coming week. Let your partner do the same. Share affection with each other, enjoy each others bodies, and take time to be intimate.

By taking little steps to improve your relationship with each other, you're on the right track to igniting that “spark” that you both once felt. Remember to always keep the lines of communication open between you and your partner, share when something is bothering you, or if you need or want something. Believe that the relationship will get better and you're on your way to passion and romance once more.

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