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This post is sponsored by CHOP At Virtua, but all opinions expressed are my own.

Quite possibly one of the most terrifying feelings as a parent is knowing that your child is sick. There is nothing that is worse. Sometimes, children can tell us what is wrong, while other times, it's hard for them to communicate what the problem is, especially depending on their age. Sometimes it takes a the emergency services offered at a place like CHOP at Virtua Voorhees to get down to the root of the problem, and take care of it at the source.

Recently, my son, who is five years-old was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia. Talk about a scary situation. It was his first hospitalization since he was born, and it was just all around scary. At one point, we were a bit afraid that we might lose him. But luckily, everything turned around pretty quickly and he is already back to his normal old kid self. But let me tell you, knowing that there are options close to where I live make me feel a thousand times better. I know that my child will be in good hands.

Having a caring team of professionals helping my child is one of the utmost important items to me when it comes to someone taking care of my child. The CHOP Virtua Memorial Pediatric Pavilion, as well as their emergency services are equipped to handle any situation that arises, and go above and beyond the call of duty to take care of their patients. In Voorhees, they even have a Level III neonatal intensive care unit for their littlest patients, while at Virtua Memorial Hospital, they have a Level II intensive care unit, aptly named the “Special Care Nursery.”

CHOP at Virtua is family-focused, and always has been. In addition to emergency care, they also offer sleep medicine, in-hospital care and radiology and imaging. The staff is also proficient in diagnostic testing in neurology, cardiology and radiology. In the emergency department at Virtua, teleneurology support is offered. Pretty neat, right? I know one thing is for certain, next time a healthcare service is needed in our family, we will surely be visiting CHOP at Virtua for all of our healthcare needs!

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