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As many of you know, Syrus, as well as myself have been pretty ill this year. We did the whole spiel of seeing doctors and taking medications and such. But there was something we hadn't tried yet. Purifying the air indoors. Who knows if all that dust was making the little one sneeze, right? 

We were lucky enough to receive a Solay Salt Lamp from So Well! Himalayan salt lamps are natural air purifiers, emitting healthy ions into the air. For one, they last forever. I mean, they are already ancient anyway. But they are also a cheaper alternative to those rather expensive air purifiers that we normally see being sold in big box stores. Here is some more info from the So Well website on the benefits of salt lamps:

Every product on their website is handcrafted, and each lamp is truly a different work of art. They have so very many ones to choose from. But we decided on the Grey Himalayan Cube Salt Light!

We chose this one because it can go with any decor, and we just love the natural look. It's so beautiful, isn't it? I put it right next to our bed on our nightstand. We got some great shots of it with the light on and in the dark. Check it out!

In The Light

I have to say that I, as well as my husband are absolutely in love with this beautiful lamp. And I can definitely say with certainty that we can feel a difference in the air. It's crisper, cleaner. The other thing that I love about it? It doubles as a night-light! I have even found myself sleeping better since receiving this lamp! 

Here it is in the dark! Beautiful, isn't it?
In addition to all of the benefits that himalayan salt lamps offer, they are really statement pieces that can tie any room together! We love ours, and I sleep with it on every single night. In my opinion, every home should have a salt lamp! Like I said above, it's definitely a cheaper alternative to big and bulky air purifiers! All in all, we love it! 

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