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 It's already the middle of May, smack dab right in the middle of spring! Sure, we've spruced up outside, but it was certainly high time to do some re-decorating inside! As some of you do know, right now, we live with my mom, in order to save money up for our own home. We almost never get to give back to her, so when I learned we would get to try out Fathead Decals, I was all over it, and I knew exactly what one I was going to get!

My mother absolutely adores lighthouses! She has them everywhere in her home, and she was getting antsy to redecorate her living room a little bit. I thought that a Fathead decal was just the thing to do it! I mean, we can literally give any room a room with a view! So once our decal came in, we were excited to put up our new window decal! 

Once we got it out of the package, we were ready for installation! You might need an extra set of hands to help you out, but that's no big deal. My good old hubby helped us out with this one! As you can see, this wall is pretty bare. It needed something. Yes, there is a little crack in the wall that we haven't fixed yet, but the decal is great at covering up imperfections, too! This decal was going to look awesome there, I just knew it! 

Now it was time to get this baby up on the wall! The hubs was really great about getting it up pretty quickly! I absolutely love the ease of putting these up. They are just peel and stick and done! It is that easy! 

See how easy it really is? Anyone can put a Fathead decal up on their wall.

Plus, instead of a credit card to smooth out the bubbles, Fathead sent along a neat little tool that we could use to do it! It worked very well!

Here is the finished product! Doesn't it just look beautiful? My mom is absolutely in love with it, and is ecstatic that her living room has a brand new pop of color and this new "window!" 

Here she is, excited about her new Fathead window decal! 

Now that we've spruced up the living room, onto the bedrooms! We're going to Fathead everything!

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