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Some of you might remember my Kinderviews: March Edition, where I decided to implement a fun new kind of way to check in with my son, here on the blog. As every single mom knows, a child's opinion, especially a young child's can change from minute-to-minute. I had to actually skip over doing March's entirely, because first I had my surgery, so I had to recover from that. Then Syrus kept running fevers and no one could figure out why. Finally we learned it was pneumonia, and he was hospitalized for the first time. He got out and then I caught it, landing me in the hospital. So needless to say, Syrus and I finally got a chance to sit down and chat with teach other about this new month and what it brings for him! 

Mom: "What are a few things that you are most excited for this month?"

SV: "My first field trip is tomorrow! And a friend's birthday party! And the baby chicks in class!" 

Mommentary: He is indeed going on his first field trip tomorrow. Without me. It's kind of weird to think about! I know he's going to love it. It's just the mother in me, as in all of us that's like "What if they wander off?" You know, stuff like that. And he was invited to his very first birthday party! I am so relieved and so glad he is making friends, you have no idea. With homeschooling, we were really grappling with that. And lastly, his kindergarten class is observing eggs to watch baby chicks hatch out of them! 

Mom: "So, how are you doing in school?" 

SV: "Good." *vicious side eye from five year-old.* 

Mom: "That's great! What kinds of things are you doing and learning in school?"

SV: "We do morning work, and a lot of writing." 

Mom: "What about music class?" 

SV: "We're learning a song for the spring concert!" 

I'm totally going to teach him the mic drop.

Mom: "Well, I and your father for one are looking forward to seeing you in that!" 

Mom: "What's your favorite food this month?"

SV: "Cookies!" 

Mom: "What are you enjoying about this month so far?"

SV: "I like learning and school!"

Mom: "That's awesome, I am so glad to hear that!" 

Mom: "So, you're going to be moving up and graduating kindergarten! Do you know how old you'll be this summer and what grade you're moving into next?"

SV: "I'm going to be six, I was born on August 19th, 2010, and I will be in first grade!" 

Mom: "How about any favorite toys this month?"

SV: "My Transforming Batcave!" 

Mom: "Seen any good movies?" 

SV: "Charlie And The Chocolate Factory!" 

Mommentary: Syrus has had this movie on, I swear, for the entirety of the month of April. Seriously. Everyday when he came home from school, he'd want it on. Now I've got that "Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka, The Amazing Chocolatier" song stuck in my head like a broken record. It won't go away, guys! Oh, and I got a pair of new sunglasses, and the minute he saw them he squeaked out "WILLY WONKA GLASSES!" 

Mom: "Read any good books lately?"

SV: "Batman, Star Wars and Snow Day!"

Mom: "Neat! Any summer plans?"

SV: "Camping!" 

Mom: "Heard any good beats lately?"

SV: "Watch Me Whip - Silento"

Mom: "Seriously?"

SV: "They taught us it in school." (Somehow I also place blame on my sister, his aunt, too.

Mom: "I also know this past month has been quite eventful for you. What happened, in your own words?" 

SV: "I got ammonia." 

Mommentary: "I assure you, he means he contracted pneumonia." 

Mom: "But you're feeling better now?"

SV: "Yes, much!" (It's true! He's back to his old self, and his checkup showed nothing!)

Mom: "Playing any sports this season?"

SV: "Soccer!" (He's in his third season!

Mom: "And lastly, I won't hold you any longer, sir. I know you have pressing matters to attend to, like cartoons and toys. If there was one instrument you could play, what would it be?"

SV: "Makes guitar wailing noise." I want a GUITAR!" (I do have to say, he has his own money saved up for one, almost $100 so far! The kid budgets better than his parents do!) 

Well, that's it for this edition of Kinderviews With Syrus V! Tune in next month to see where we're at! 

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