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Everyone has one of these friends: an Energizer bunny, ball of energy; soda pop never touches her lips, junk food is anathema to her, and her fridge is filled with fresh fruits and veg from the local farmer’s market. Her daily wardrobe consists of workout gear – because she works out both in the morning and in the afternoon. You’re not even sure you’ve ever seen her in street clothes. And now, she’s about to become a mum.

She’s had the fittest pregnancy of anyone you’ve ever seen – the kind who only carries their baby right in front. From the rear, she doesn’t even look pregnant! You hate her. Just kidding. You love and adore her and want to get her a great gift, but you know that there’s really only one kind of gift to get: something organic. You may not have an idea of what it will consist of, and here’s where this article will be helpful to you. If you want lots of help and to be able to present a gorgeous, already put together gift for her, visit Baby Gift Box in Australia.

This is definitely a throwback situation because up until the last century, most fruits and vegetables were organic, and then the agricultural industry was industrialised. As a reaction, a holistic approach, that was also ecologically balanced, was initiated in the early 1940s. For the uninitiated, it can be confusing, exactly what is organic? If it says “natural” does that mean it’s organic? Sadly, no. In fact, “natural” is entirely a marketing ploy.

It means nothing, actually. There are no rules or regulation for something to be called “natural.” But, organic food, for example, is produced through methods compliant with the standards of organic farming. Worldwide, standards vary. A general way to look at it is that organic foods are generally produced without or greatly reduced pesticides and fertilizers.
In some countries, organic food producers are required a special certification in order to label foods as organic. Organic foods are also generally produced without:

  • Irradiation
  • Industrial solvents
  • Synthetic food additives

In Australia, there are country-wide standards set by NASAA Organic Standard.

A healthy mum will want her baby’s food to be grown without chemicals and pesticides. And she’s in the popular crowd. Organic sales are on a continual rise. For baby gifts, look for products that are natural alternatives (oops, there’s that word, “natural”) to conventional items. The goal is to find products produced without chemicals, toxins and pollutants.

For clothing, look for – because they’re available – 100% cotton and organic cotton clothing. You’ll find it in newborn, baby and toddler clothing. You can find sleeveless, short-sleeved, and long sleeved onesies, which are the absolute must-have of every new parent. Having several in different sizes as the baby grows will be ideal.

Even if a mum is going to breast feed, she’s likely to need bottles at some point. And today, despite the tony names and expense, health conscious mums are going to look for classic, real glass baby bottles – many of the traditional bottle makers – Evenflo and AVENT are now making (Evenflo again) glass baby bottles.

Other appropriately organic gifts are wood hangers for baby clothes (avoid plastic and faux velvet), and our favourite, lambskin hair rugs and blankets.

You have to think outside the box for organic gifts, but not so far out that you can’t find them. Organic baby gifts are out there.

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