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I was recently told about a wonderful campaign that is going on, and we're participating, and you should, too! World MPS Day fell on May 15th this year, and along with Shire Pharmaceuticals, they are putting on this wonderful awareness campaign called #FlyForMPS to raise awareness for MPS. 

MPS stands for  mucopolysaccharidoses. According to, 
"The mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) are a group of rare, inherited, metabolic diseases. [Muenzer 2011, p1] People with MPS do not have any, or enough of, a substance (an enzyme) that is needed to break down a sugar, called mucopolysaccharide or glycosaminoglycan. [Haldeman- Englert 2013, p1] As a result, the sugar builds up throughout the body causing damage to cells. [Haldeman-Englert 2013, p1][Muenzer 2011, p1]" There are seven different types of MPS:

The concept is simple! #FlyForMPS is trying to make 20,000,000 air miles and 8,000 connections! You can help them reach this goal! It's as easy as creating a digital paper airplane, or creating your very own paper airplane and fly it! Syrus created his very own, see?

Don't mind him or his face. He found a bruise on his leg and freaked out shortly before this.

Once you are finished with your plane, you can upload it to the #FlyForMPS website! The cool thing is, they even have patterned paper printables that you can print out if you want a decorated paper airplane! All in all, I think this is a pretty awesome campaign to bring awareness to a relatively unknown disease. If you do participate, don't forget to share throughout social media with the hashtag #FlyForMPS

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