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Ugh, the bane of moms and dads around the world, laundry. I mean, if there is absolutely nothing else to do, then sure, maybe it's nice to do. I'm not going to use the word fun. At least not for me. I absolutely loathe doing laundry. Hate it. And with an almost six year old who gets dirty rather often, we really fill up our laundry basket pretty quickly.

For the longest time I have hated doing laundry. That was, until I found Downy Fabric Conditioner. The clothes that I washed always came out just, well, feeling icky still. They felt stiff and, well, I don't want my clothes feeling like that! I would like my clothes to be nice and soft, as well as my son and husband's clothes. So, I was super excited to try it!

Let me tell you, within the very first wash, I could feel a difference. The clothes were WAY softer and felt great to wear. The other thing I love about Downy Fabric Conditioner is that it does not make my son break out like other fabric conditioners! That is a huge plus! Not to mention the awesome smell! I'm a sucker for great smelling clothes. I'm a little weird like that, what can I say? I like nice smelling things!

So, where can you find Downy Fabric Conditioner? I'm glad you asked! You can find it at your local Wal-Mart! We have one right here in town, and I love shopping there! You can find pretty much everything at a discount and they have great deals on household items, clothing, everything. Want to find your local Wal-Mart? Click here!

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